Our Mission

Peake Financial provides personalized financial advice and superior service to our clients. We are dedicated to recommending appropriate strategies for our clients' financial challenges and helping create concrete personal and business relationships that inspire our clients to recommend us to people they know who can also benefit from our services.

We commit to hire high quality people and to train our associates well so that they meet the needs of our clients.

We aspire to maintain a strong financial position and continually work on enhancing our relationships with quality financial institutions.

We at Peake Financial are committed to maintaining a high degree of integrity.

Our Values:


  • Integrity, Professionalism, and Ethics
  • Teamwork
  • Problems to Solve, Not Products to Sell
  • Clients Before Agency
  • Clients Above Compensation
  • Provide Advice Only After Receiving Thorough Data
  • Value Added Before Value Received
  • Relationship Building, Not Transaction Processing
  • Service to Client, Community and Industry